Common causes of toothaches in Uptown NYC

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Uptown NYC toothache 

Typically, when you face the twinge that indicates the beginnings of a toothache, the reasons are going to be due to your tooth’s protective layers being compromised, and thereby exposing the nerve inside. That pain may be mild at first, but it can easily escalate. At the dental practice of Gauri Savant DDS, we are dedicated to prompt diagnosis and treatment in order to promote the best possible outcome.

Uptown NYC toothache

The common causes of toothaches are cavities and damaged teeth. A cavity doesn’t have to be of a certain size to result in pain. Even small ones might be problematic. However, there is no doubt that the larger it is, the greater the chance of an Uptown NYC toothache. Not all cavities are new ones. Fillings that were originally used to treat your cavity can become loose or fall out, thereby exposing the nerve once more. The good news is that all you need do is come in to have a new filling placed. Similarly, a chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth can usually be remedied with a dental crown to alleviate your Uptown NYC toothache. The key, though, is to realize that time is a factor. When your tooth’s natural barriers are breached, bacteria can get inside. And if that happens, you will get an infection in the pulp of your tooth. Not only can the pain increase substantially if that occurs, but you will need root canal therapy to treat it so that you do not lose the tooth. We can assure you of maximum comfort if you do need root canal, but it is always preferable to avoid entirely.  

We want to be certain that you understand one indisputable fact: your Uptown NYC toothache comes with a sense of urgency. There’s no reason for you to suffer any longer than absolutely necessary. Call us right away for a timely appointment.