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Laser Dentistry in East

East Laser Dentist
East Laser Dentist

As with every other branch of medical science dentistry has experienced a great deal of technological breakthroughs over the past decade. Many dental offices now regularly employ 3-D digital imaging, 3-D printers for printing crowns and even lasers. The use of lasers in both cosmetic and restorative dentistry has grown significantly in the past 10 years. Our east laser dentist Dr. Gauri Savant, DDS is a highly trained and experienced practitioner of laser dentistry and is able to bring the benefits of incorporating laser technology into our practice to our patients. Our dental practice encompasses a full range of general, cosmetic, restorative and implant dentistry. Laser dentistry is an exciting new tool to accomplish many dental procedures less invasively than traditional techniques. Our office is equipped with the latest in cutting edge dental equipment and technology to bring our patient’s the highest quality care possible.

Lasers work by delivering energy as concentrated light. When applied to a dental procedure the laser can act either as a cutting tool or a heat source that aids in the bonding or bleaching process. Our east laser dentist practice can utilize the laser in performing many different types of dental procedures. Lasers are most often used as an aid to in-office teeth whitening by delivering heat to help intensify the effectiveness of the bleaching gel. In preventative and restorative procedures lasers are used by our practice to help detect cavities at an earlier stage when they can be treated before they cause more damage to the tooth. Lasers are also used to remove the decayed portion of the tooth and prepare it for filling without the pain associated with traditional drilling. Lasers are also valuable when used to reshape the soft tissue of the gum to make someone’s smile more aesthetically pleasing. Our practice also employs lasers as part of the treatment for conditions ranging from sleep apnea, to TMJ, cold sores, periodontal disease to biopsies for oral tumors.

There are a number of benefits to patients derived through using the services of our east laser dentist. Dental lasers cause less pain than using traditional drilling, so there is less need for anesthesia. Many of our patients feel less anxiety and discomfort. Often there is less tooth material removed during a cavity restoration when compared with traditional drilling. Laser use results in less bleeding and swelling during soft tissue treatments. Of course, lasers cannot be used for many of the common dental procedures, so our office maintains a mix of the most effective laser and traditional methodologies to help our patients preserve their good dental health. Please make an appointment with our practice to see how new technologies combines with old fashioned skill, experience and a concern for patient care can transform your smile.

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