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With advances in modern dental techniques and technology there is no excuse for walking around with missing teeth. Dental implants are an innovative technique that has revolutionized the replacement of missing teeth. While dental implants are not a new approach to tooth replacement there have been a number of advancements that have made the implant procedure easier and more effective. Midtown East implants by Dr. Gauri Savant, DDS has been helping patients in Manhattan replace missing teeth to regain the full functioning of their mouth and a big smile.

Midtown East implants have a great advantage over traditional tooth replacement techniques including bridges and dentures, which place artificial teeth on top of the gums either suspended from adjacent teeth or laying on the gums secured by clips or paste adhesive. Dental implants aren’t secured to teeth or the gum they structurally become a part of the jaw and are more secure than the original tooth. Our doctor begins the implant process by assessing the area and using digital images to pinpoint the proper spot for the implant and to make sure there is enough bone material available at the spot to support the implant. If enough material is not available our doctor may use a bone graft to add bone material and encourage bone growth. Our doctor will then open the gum and surgically implant a titanium anchor directly into the jawbone at the proper spot and then reclose the gum. Over time the anchor will bond with the bone become a part of the jaw. This forms an extremely strong and secure root for the new tooth. Once the area has healed our doctor will top the anchor with a porcelain crown that matches the rest of the teeth. The crown forms the new tooth’s biting and chewing surfaces. The replacement tooth will look, feel and function like the tooth it replaced.

Midtown East implants can also be used to secure bridges and dentures. Our doctor will implant a series of anchors along the gum where the teeth are missing and use these to secure bridges instead of simply placing them on the gum or adjacent teeth, essentially making the bridges and dentures a part of the jaw. This technique can be used with partial or full bridges. Bridges can be made either fixed or removable using implants as anchors. For removable bridges a series of snaps on the bridge attaches to the anchors. If you have a problem with missing teeth please make an appointment with our office to see if dental implants can help bring your teeth back.

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