Uptown Manhattan teeth cleaning

Uptown Manhattan Teeth Cleaning

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Importance of dental exams in Uptown Manhattan

Uptown Manhattan teeth cleaning
Uptown Manhattan teeth cleaning

If you want your teeth and gums to remain healthy, it is important that you come to our dental practice, Gauri Savant DDS, for an Uptown Manhattan teeth cleaning and for a complete dental exam on a biannual basis.

It is recommended that patients come in for an Uptown Manhattan teeth cleaning and dental practice every six months so that our dentist can catch any tooth or gum problems while they are still in the early stages, and so that our dental hygienist can remove all plaque and dental tartar before it can do any damage to your teeth and gums. Even with the very best at-home dental cleaning regimen, it is impossible to remove all plaque from teeth. When plaque is allowed to stay on teeth, it can encourage the development of dental cavities as well as cause gingivitis when it irritates gums along the gum line. During a dental cleaning at our office, all plaque will be removed from between teeth as well as from just below the gum line. These are areas that cannot be reached during regular brushing. In addition, when plaque stays on teeth for a period of time, it will harden and turn into tartar. Tartar is a hard, mineralized substance which tightly adheres to teeth. It cannot be removed with brushing of flossing, and can only be removed with professional dental cleaning instruments. If tartar is allowed to stay on teeth, it will encourage the development of deep pockets to form between your teeth and gums. If this occurs, plaque, tartar, bacteria, and food debris will all gather in these deep pockets and infection will form. At this time, you will have gum disease and will need a periodontal scaling and root planing treatment. If this treatment is not successful, you will need to have gum surgery to help heal the deep pockets.

For an appointment to come into our dental practice for an Uptown Manhattan teeth cleaning and a dental exam, contact us today.

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