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Uptown NYC Tooth Loss

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Implants in Uptown NYC

Uptown NYC Tooth Loss
Uptown NYC Tooth Loss

If you are suffering with tooth loss you should visit us at our dental practice, Gauri Savant DDS. Our expert dentist, Dr. Gauri Savant, will be able to treat your Uptown NYC tooth loss with dental implants.

Dental implants are a very popular tooth replacement method for Uptown NYC tooth loss because they look, feel, and function just like regular teeth. And, if well taken care of with regular brushing and flossing, and with periodic dental cleanings at our office, dental implants should last a lifetime. There are now several ways that dental implants can be used. Traditionally, one dental implant is used to replace a single tooth. However, now, dentures and removable bridges can also be secured with dental implants, so that they will remain perfectly comfortable in our patient’s mouth. When a patient wants to have a single tooth replaced with a dental implant, the procedure will take several months. Our dentist will first need to assess that your jawbone is healthy enough to withstand the dental implant procedure. Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for the treatment, one titanium dental implant root will be surgically inserted into your jawbone for each tooth that is going to be replaced. There is then a healing period of several months during which time the jawbone will fully heal and the dental implant root will strongly fuse to the jawbone. This is why the dental implant root is able to provide such a secure and permanent base for the new tooth. Our dentist will then create a permanent porcelain crown to be attached to the top of the dental implant root. This crown will perfectly color-match the adjacent teeth so no one will ever know that you have a dental implant in your mouth. Once the dental implant procedure is completed, the dental implant will be so comfortable and secure that you will soon forget that you even have it in your mouth.

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